All Risk & Needs Assessment, Inc. test users are registered by Risk & Needs before they can use Risk & Needs' tests. The Risk & Needs Test User Agreement is presented when you click on the Risk & Needs Test User Agreement link. It should be understood that some courts, departments and statewide organizations use more comprehensive testing program agreements and they are used where applicable.

Some Risk & Needs Assessment, Inc. website visitors want to print a copy of the Risk & Needs Test User Agreement so they can complete it and fax it (or mail it) to Risk & Needs. To make this printing task easier we have included printing instructions.

Instructions for Printing the Risk & Needs Test User Agreement
  • Be sure your printer is on and has paper.
  • Click on the Print Risk & Needs Test User Agreement
  • Another window will appear with the Agreement form inside. Soon after you will also see a Print Display Box. Click on the "OK" Button to continue and print the Agreement.
  • Close the Agreement form by clicking on the "X" button in the upper right corner of the Agreement form and you will return to this webpage.

The above printing instructions should go smoothly. However, if you have any questions please e-mail, fax, write or call Risk & Needs.  We can also fax or mail the Risk & Needs agreement to you.

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